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Symposium 2014

  • We cordially invite you to participate at the symposium "Visualisation and Manipulation of Signals and Forces in Developing Tissues", to be held in Santiago, Chile, on May 12-16th 2014. Our goal is to foster scientific interactions between Latin America and the rest of the world by bringing together a small group of scientists from around the globe interested in morphodynamics of cells and tissues from different perspectives: theory to experiment, molecules to cells, and cells to organisms.

    The symposium is organized by the Biomedical Neuroscience Institute (Chile) and QuanTissue (ESF, Europe), and will coincide with a two-week regional course on "Optics, Forces and Development" and the openlecture series on the "Origin of Animal form in Evolution and Development".

    We look forward to having you in Santiago next May 2014.

    Miguel Concha, Hernán López-Schier and Carl-Philipp Heisenberg 
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  • 10-March-2014: An updated version of the Symposium Program is now available.

    09-March-2014: Two additional speakers will participate in the Symposium: Ajay Chitnis and Johan de Rooij.

    08-March-2014: The symposium has a new Venue: UrbanStation (see below).

    07-March-2014: Deadline for registration to the Symposium has been extended to March 21st 2014.

    28-October-2013: Registration to the Symposium is now open.

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  • Topics

    Morphogenesis of developing tissues, cell migration, gradients & intercellular signalling, stem cells & regeneration, high performance microscopy, mathematical modelling.

  • Venue

    The meeting will take place at the Telefónica OpenFuture Branch of UrbanStation, located in Providencia's Avenue 229, 2nd Floor, Santiago de Chile.

  • Important Dates

    Start: Monday, May 12 - 2014, 14:00 hrs.

    End: Friday, May 16 - 2014, 13:00 hrs.

    Registration Deadline: March 21 - 2014

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Titulo de Articulo

  • How to attend

    The symposium is open to established investigators, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students interested in different aspects of cell and tissue morphodynamics. To attend you must REGISTER (see below).

  • Abstract contribution

    You are welcome to contribute with an ABSTRACT to the symposium. You may present your results as SHORT TALK (selected from the submitted abstracts) or may participate with a POSTER.

  • Format

    Symposium activities will promote scientific discussions in the context of : (1) TALKS of invited speakers; (2) SHORT-TALKS of selected participants; and (3) POSTER sessions.

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  • How to Register

    Please follow these steps:
         (1) Download the Registration Form
         (2) Send the filled Registration form, including Abstract contribution (if desired), and statement of your interest in giving a Short Talk by Email to

    Abstracts selected for SHORT TALKS will be notified by April 2014.

    The REGISTRATION DEADLINE  is March 21th, 2014 
  • Fees and Travel Costs

    A Registration Fee will be charged at the meeting, allowing the access to scientific sessions, booklet, refreshment breaks, and opening reception: 
         (1) Investigator : US$ 100
         (2) Postdocs and Students: US$ 50

    Fellowships to cover the costs of Registration for students will be available upon request. 

    Participants must cover their costs of travel & accommodation.
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  • Yohanns Bellaïche

    Institut Curie - Paris

    France |  web

  • Miguel Concha

    BNI - Univ. of Chile

    Chile  |  web

  • Marcos González-Gaitán

    University of Geneva

    Switzerland   |  web

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Titulo de Articulo

  • Valentina Greco

    Yale School Medicine

    USA   |  web

  • Stephan Grill

    MPI/CBG - Dresden

    Germany   |  web

  • Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis

    Sloan-Kettering Inst. 

    USA   |  web

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Titulo de Articulo

  • Carl-Philipp Heisenberg

    IST - Vienna

    Austria   |  web

  • Antonio Jacinto

    I. Gulbenkian - Lisbon

    Portugal   |  web

  • Roger Karlsson


    Sweden  |  web

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Titulo de Articulo

  • Philipp Keller

    Janelia Farm - HHMI

    USA   |  web

  • Ray Keller

    University of Virginia

    USA   |  web

  • Ulrich Kubitscheck

    University of Bonn

    Germany   |  web

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Titulo de Articulo

  • Alvaro Glavic

    University of Chile

    Chile   |  web

  • Masazumi Tada

    CDB-UCL London

    UK   |  web

  • Juan Larrain

    Catholic University

    Chile   |  web

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Titulo de Articulo

  • Hernán López-Schier

    HMGU - Munich

    Germany   |  web

  • Alfonso Martínez-Arias

    Cambridge University

    UK   |  web

  • Roberto Mayor

    CDB-UCL London

    UK   |  web

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Titulo de Articulo

  • Stuart Newman

    NY Medical College

    USA   |  web

  • Ewa Paluch

    LMCB-UCL London

    UK   |  web

  • Erez Raz

    ZMBE - Münster
    Germany   |  web

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Titulo de Articulo

  • Didier Stainier

    MPI HLR, Bad Nauheim

    Germany  |  web

  • Maria Elena Torres-Padilla

    IGBMC - Strasbourg

    France  |  web

  • Xavier Trepat

    IBEC - Barcelona

    Spain  |  web

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Titulo de Articulo

  • Julien Vermot

    IGBMC - Strasbourg

    France  |  web

  • Primoz Ziherl

    University of Ljubljana

    Slovenia  |  web

  • Ajay Chitnis

    NICHD - Bethesda

    USA  |  web

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  • Johan de Rooij

    Hubrecht Institute

    The Netherlands  |  web

  • Ipsum Dolor

    Consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna.

  • Ipsum Dolor

    Consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna.

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  • Download the preliminary Program of the Symposium (updated on March 10th, 2014) here.

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